Guney’s Adventure 2 Mod Apk (infinite gold) v1.10 Download

Guney’s Adventure 2 Mod Apk (infinite gold) unlocked

Guney’s adventure 2 Mod Apk is the second game in the Guney’s adventure series from the independent Russian studio Alexey Suslin, which has been developed for free and is available for Android users on Google Play. Alexey Suslin Studios has previously introduced similar games in the same genre, the most famous of which are Runic Curse and Boss Rush: Mythology Mobile They were. The important point in the second part is that now in this game, more dimensions of the story are narrated and the game characters are introduced more widely. Your missions in Sack 2 Adventure have become much more and more sensitive, and in this part, you finally get to know the antagonist or the main negative character of this series. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameGuney’s Adventure 2
DeveloperAlexey Suslin
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateDecember 09, 2021

Features of Guney’s Adventure 2:

  • A lot of locations filled with enemies, traps, difficult bosses and secrets.
  • Over 45 different enemies.
  • Character progress: Level system, equipment and abilities for previously inaccessible areas.
  • Huge selection of equipment: swords, axes, staffs, bows, magic books, familiars, shields, armors, helmets, etc.
  • A lot of materials and ingredients for making equipment and potions.
  • Additional quests.
  • Boss Rush Mode.
  • Customizable touch controls.

According to the story of Guney’s adventure 2 Two gold diggers named Guney and Darius find special clues to find the great and ancient treasure. After following these treasures, they reach a strange gate, which is in fact a portal to another world. By accepting this risk, they enter this portal and enter an unknown world inhabited not by humans, but by evil monsters. Soon they are confronted by a great demon named Lord Garamon who is not happy about the presence of these two characters in this strange world.

That’s why he attacks these two people. During this attack, Guney falls down a precipice and after regaining consciousness, he decides to search very quickly to find his colleague, Darius. You are in control of this character and now you have to fight in a world full of demons and monsters and try to find your friend and save him. During Guney’s adventure 2 you travel to different places and encounter many evil characters. One of the charms of this game is the presence of dangerous bosses at the end of some parts of the game.