Hexonia Mod Apk (unlocked) v1.1.37 Download

Hexonia Mod Apk (unlocked) Download

Hexonia Mod Apk a play strategically very attractive for Android by Game Studios and published Togglegear. As the name of this exciting title suggests, you will enter the hexagonal lands. Thus, each part of the realms in the game consists of a large number of hexagonal parts. You can enter this fascinating world by choosing your tribe. You will see various villages and tribes around you that by conquering them, in addition to expanding their territory, you will also increase the amount of gold you receive and you can also have a more powerful army. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

Android Version Required4.1 and up
Last UpdateOctober 18, 2021

Features of Hexonia Mod Apk:

  • Each tribe has guards with their own abilities.
  • More than 12 units to choose from
  • A variety of resources to collect
  • 4 unique difficulty levels await you
  • Fun gameplay and strategy
  • Amazing and convenient sound
  • Unique and beautiful graphics
  • The special abilities of each guard
  • Use a variety of forces and fighters
  • Hexagonal land heads
  • Develop your territory
  • Select different tribes
  • There are 4 difficulty levels
  • Collect various resources

As mentioned, Hexonia is a very attractive strategy game for Android, which you will install and run into hexagonal lands. You will start the fight by choosing your tribe and you can take over the surrounding lands. To do this, you will engage with their guards, and each guard has different characteristics and skills. You use different military units to attack them and you can collect more gold in addition to collecting more resources. You will play different difficulty levels and you can enjoy its fascinating gameplay.

Here, it is enough to establish the rule of your own land and gradually build and expand your villages and cities by fighting the enemies and defeating them. Try to consider a unique strategy from the very beginning and gain power as soon as possible by looting the property of the enemies. You have to manage your food and money and at the same time train your forces to overcome the neighbors and expand the territory under the rule. So if you are a fan and fan of this style of games, we suggest you to spend hours playing by touching the download icon and enjoy it to the fullest.