Hibernator Pro Apk (paid) v2.28.2 unlocked

Hibernator Pro Apk (paid) unlocked

Hibernator Pro Apk is a practical and useful program with special abilities in the field of managing and optimizing battery consumption in Android smart devices, which was developed and published by APPDEV QUEBEC. This professional application enables you to stop additional, unused and running background programs and prevent them from consuming excessive battery.

Even with continuous checking and scanning, it prevents the automatic activity of blocked programs, which all of these activities are effective in reducing battery consumption and prevent it from draining quickly.

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Game info

NameHibernator Pro
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateDecember 11, 2022

Features of Hibernator Pro Apk:

  • Disable and close all running programs
  • Prevent program from running again after closing
  • Support system programs and their support
  • Quick access to notifications through the notifications section
  • The possibility of increasing the speed of the phone by closing the programs
  • It has an attractive collection of different widgets
  • Ability to optimize RAM by freeing occupied RAM
  • Increase battery life by reducing processor consumption
  • It has an automatic forced stop system
  • It has a simple and stylish user interface

high battery consumption

As you know, one of the reasons for high battery consumption in Android devices is programs running in the background, etc., which are useless in many cases, in addition to occupying the internal RAM space, it causes excessive battery consumption and slows down the speed. Your Android platform slows down.

As a result, in order to prevent the execution of unnecessary programs in the background, it is mandatory to use the stop system, which also requires a side program in this field.

Hibernator Pro Apk save battery

So Hibernator Pro: Hibernate running apps & save battery It comes into action quickly and by managing the energy consumption of the device, it will increase its lifespan.

Quick access to notifications

Quick access to notifications, support for system programs, a set of different widgets, preventing the program from running again after closing, etc., are exemplary features of this unique program. Also, this useful tool cools the phone by reducing the processor consumption, which is also important and admirable.