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Homesteads Mod Apk (infinite gold) unlocked

Homesteads Mod Apk is a popular simulation style game made by Enixan Limited that you can install and enjoy on your Android device! Feel free to own a home and farm in the Wild West. Build houses, factories and buildings in the city, plant crops and decorate the village! Help residents improve the city, raise animals, produce goods for trade in the market, and deliver unique materials that help develop the city. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

DeveloperEnixan Limited
Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateApril 30, 2022

Features of Homesteads Mod Apk:

  • Help the wanderers who meet you on the way to the freedom of the West with their products.
  • Enjoy life on the wild farm! Raise pets, graze cattle, harvest crops, produce goods, sell in the market and exchange scarce materials.
  • They will contribute to the happiness of the city in rapid development.
  • Make friends with Indians, exchange goods with them, get help from trainers to improve home materials, and send your products by steamboat.
  • The dream of gold in the western town. This area is like a mineral clondike, so be comfortable in extracting gold and ores in imaginary mines.
  • Additional new markets. Ships can be used for free to trade with continental farms.
  • Use the train to buy lost goods for your farm at a reasonable price. Enjoy deals!
  • Risk your house to save the house from an aggressive cowboy attack. Help the sheriff and marshal to maintain order in your city.
  • Adventure and catch dangerous criminals in particular to get rewards.
  • Choose from many city decorations, turn the city into a dream home in the Wild West!
  • Play Homesteads – Continue the Adventure!

Like most similar games, ‌ in Homesteads You need gold to plant crops, and each crop is ready to be harvested in a certain amount of time. For example, to plant wheat, you have to use 2 gold and wait 1 minute to be able to harvest it. Sometimes people from rural farms come to the store and ask for certain goods. If you can meet their needs, you can get gold in return. Of course, these products are usually made with 2 products or maybe more.

For example, 1 piece of fabric is made with 3 flax plants. Another way to earn gold is to sell goods and merchandise by carriage and merchandise station. 4 Strollers can carry your goods and products and sell them. However, this process usually takes 1 hour. The process of obtaining gold from the station of sale of goods and products is almost the same as the process of obtaining gold by carriage. The people of the rural farm have different ages and appearances, and their clothes are appropriate for their time and place.