Horror Show Mod Apk (infinite money, coin) v1.03 Download

Horror Show Mod Apk (infinite money, coin) unlocked

Horror Show Mod Apk Scary Online Survival Game is an online Android survival game and a unique and great action style game created by the tasteful Azur Interactive Games Limited studio and you can install and enjoy on your Android devices! Fight for your life, or hunt innocent victims? Mansion rooms or asylum? Horror Show is a horror game in which you play as a madman or a survivor. You find yourself in an abandoned camp with three other night owl seekers… but it doesn’t take long for you to realize that you are trapped directly in the cursed playground of a corrupt psychopath. Time to choose your side! get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameHorror Show
DeveloperAzur Interactive Games Limited
Android Version Required4.4 and up
Last UpdateOctober 14, 2022

Features of Horror Show Mod Apk:

  • 4 survivors with different statistics
  • 3 crazy with specific tactics for hunting
  • classic game of 1 vs 4
  • both champion upgrade and new heroes open
  • puzzles of logic: find out how to get his nightmare escape
  • to Play the title of crazy and scary killer in the form of hack and slash. Find all your victims! Fresh meat!
  • Real-time multiplayer mode
  • Unique carnage graphics and bone-chilling sound effects
  • Combine hero skills and work with your survivors to find new ways to escape and survive
  • Don’t forget you can Heal your characters and help each other escape the shadows
  • in Madness mode, you can also create your own strategy for the “killer” “killer”.
  • The madman hears what his victims are doing and can track them down and capture them.

Horror Show – Scary Online Survival Game It tells the fascinating story of a group of survivors trapped in a large building. The building is part of a large hospital that has now been evacuated due to the strange and deadly events that took place there. The 4 survivors are trapped in this building and must help each other find a way to escape. Finding an escape route depends on finding specific items and fixing some problems. On the other side, there is a crazy monster that looks like a mutant human in this hospital.

This crazy hunter is looking for these 4 survivors and wants to hunt them down! At the beginning of the game, you can determine whether you are a Maniac or one of the 4 Survivors. After identifying and finding other players, you can enter the game and perform various tasks according to your choice. If you are a hunter or maniac, you should look for different parts of the building and as soon as you see the survivors, attack them and hit them to hunt.