Hunter Assassin Mod Apk (unlimited diamonds) v1.73.0

Hunter Assassin Mod Apk (unlimited diamonds) unlocked For Android

Hunter Assassin Mod Apk Android exciting game in the style of game action by Ruby Game Studios and published. this game is very simple and its mechanism is not very complicated. The structure of the game is step-by-step, and your main task is to find and kill the enemies at each stage. To do this, your only weapon is a knife that you must use to move silently from behind to the enemies and kill them in a surprise attack. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameHunter Assassin
DeveloperRuby Game Studio
Android Version Required4.1+
Last UpdateNovember 30, 2022

Features of Hunter Assassin:

  • Beautiful visual design
  • Diverse enemies
  • Challenging stages
  • Simple graphics
  • Smooth gameplay mechanics

In this fun and action game you have to control the killer and hunt your targets one after another. Use your surroundings and shadows to hide your flashlights. Target your enemies with automatic machine guns that can be ambushed in any corner. Attack them quickly and escape without them noticing your presence. By killing each target, you get the jewels and privileges that are most used to unlock the killers, you will lose the jewels for any purpose. You can use these gemstones to open faster killers. Can you unlock the fastest killers?

But as soon as you kill one of the enemies, the other enemies will notice and try to reach you and shoot you with the shotgun they have. To prevent this from happening, you need to escape as soon as you kill one of the enemies and hide in the corner and do not fall within the range of the enemy’s flashlight and do not identify yourself so that you can kill other enemies in a suitable position and in a professional ambush.