Idle Light City Mod Apk (infinite gold, diamond) v3.0.1

Idle Light City Mod Apk (infinite gold, diamond) unlocked

Idle Light City Mod Apk Light City is a simple but extremely attractive and well-made title from AppQuantum Studio in Cyprus in the form of a fun and management game that has been released for free with in-app payments for the Android operating system. As always, except for the original version, we have prepared a separate mod version for this game so that you, dear ones and fans of mod versions, can also enjoy this title. Idle Light City game is designed with a simple but creative idea. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameIdle Light City
Android Version Required5.0 and up
Last UpdateNovember 22, 2021

In Idle Light City You need to build a light bulb factory and make as many different bulbs as you can. With each lamp you make and bring it to a point in the city, that point lights up. This should be done throughout the city. But to light the lamps, they will need a place to install or so-called living. So you have to build buildings in different parts of the city and light each building with these lamps. In the same way, you can follow the game process and make your city brighter and brighter, and expand it in the same way.

The nature of the game, as its name implies, is Idle or so-called clicker. In this game, you travel to a fantasy city called Light City. You are supposed to manage this city and somehow lead its inhabitants. But the story of the game is a very interesting thing that can be extremely fascinating, fascinating and fascinating. The story is about a city that has plunged into darkness and has become a deserted city. The only way to make this city a lovely place to live is to bring light to different parts of it.

Idle Light City, like any other clicker game, has an important part to upgrade game items. By choosing and managing yourself, you can upgrade various things in the game to get more speed and better performance from that part. For example, you can upgrade your lamp factory to increase their production speed and quality, and then you can unlock more buildings in different parts of the map in less time. Do not forget that any building that is fully built and lit will bring you income and you will be able to invest more in the city by building more buildings and at the same time develop your city.