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Idle Planet Miner Mod Apk (free purchase) unlocked

Idle Planet Miner Mod Apk is a game simulation is very attractive for Android by Game Studios Iron Horse Games LLC, which has other attractive games we’ve seen it and been released. As the name implies, you will enter galaxies and planets, and your job is to extract them. In this big world, there will be a lot of resources and materials you need to explore. You have to move your spacecraft so that you can collect and extract these resources from all over the world and keep playing. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameIdle Planet Miner
DeveloperIron Horse Games LLC
Android Version Required4.1+
Last UpdateDecember 23, 2022

Features of Idle Planet Miner:

  • Unemployed to increase their mining rates!
  • Tap to crush asteroids and earn rare ore!
  • Mining: Getting Coins and Hiring Managers!
  • Increasing upgrades
  • Create an empire among the stars!
  • Hire managers to improve your performance!
  • Develop your drilling strategy! Open special projects to improve your productivity!
  • Upgrade your mine
  • Market game: maximize profits, respond to supply and demand across the galaxy!
  • Research on specific projects and profits!
  • Rewards for constantly updating your mining ship everywhere!
  • Unemployed mine
  • Get stones and coins when you’re not playing

As mentioned, Idle Planet Miner is a very attractive simulation game for Android that you can install and run to enter the galaxy world. You need to control your spacecraft and send it to different parts so that you can extract resources. By exploring the galaxy, you can find new planets to extract and engage in. The gameplay is clickable and very simple, and even when you’re not playing, your spaceship is collecting resources. In this way, you can have a good time and extract more resources from the galaxy and enjoy.

Gradually increase the number of your ships by making money, and by ordering them, create a new dominance in the heart of the galaxy and show your power to everyone and set a new record. By installing this game without data to the outside world You will have to work hard to reach power. Certainly the unique 3D graphics and advanced sound of the game will nail you and if you are a fan of this type of game, you will enjoy fighting the enemies.