Idle Wasteland Mod Apk (infinite money) v1.0.301 Download

Idle Wasteland Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked

Idle Wasteland Mod Apk is a game in the simulation genre published by Iron Horse Games LLC for Android mobile devices. Crawl through the radio rays, fight the mutants in the wasteland and build a shelter in this gradual Idle RPG! Use credentials skills throughout Idle Wasteland: RPG Survival! This is an idle incremental RPG game you have never seen before. Tap to upgrade Rod to survive at the end of time. Tap to hit idle creatures, fight hordes of mutants and build armor to hit the radioactive! get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameIdle Wasteland
DeveloperIron Horse Games LLC
Android Version Required4.1
Last UpdateDecember 21, 2021

Features of Idle Wasteland:

  • Incremental Survival
  • Idle & dig up scrap
  • Craft rad gear to withstand the fallout
  • Idle Action
  • Battle against Mutant Mobs
  • Use your Abilities Carefully: Survival is key
  • Craft Gear
  • Mine scrap to build rad armor for survival
  • Collect items to craft new idle weapons
  • Craft components for epic loot to survive the fallout

Gameplay Idle Wasteland: RPG Survival It uses a very simple combat system. Your hero will automatically attack the apocalyptic creatures each time the yellow attack bar is filled. But quick taps on the device screen can also make the bar fill up faster, resulting in faster and more attacks on apocalyptic creatures. Also, another green bar can be seen on top of this bar, which is actually called the mana bar or biological magic bar, which is filled by obtaining nuclear waste during the game. This bar is full at the beginning of the game, but the use of spells reduces it.

There are many types of spells and they are very diverse. Some of them can increase the attack speed up to 15% and the attack damage power up to 10%. When apocalyptic creatures are killed by your attacks and magic, you can get rewards like money and boosters. These bonuses can be used for various tasks such as buying weapons and equipment and upgrading the hero and increasing the power of damage and the speed of attack. In general, the game is not only generous in rewards, but also leaves you free in many cases, and you can strengthen your hero in various ways and prepare him for tough fights. You also have tasks in the game that you should try to do.