Infinite Knights Ash Mod Apk (infinite money, diamond) v1.1.5

Infinite Knights Ash Mod Apk (infinite money, diamond) unlocked

Infinite Knights Ash Mod Apk is the second game in the Infinite Knights franchise, developed and released for free by Hong Kong studio Lemon Jam Studio, the maker of games like Walls Breaker . Infinite Knights – Ash has been released following the success of the previous episode called Infinite Knights Idle RPG. Infinite Knights Ash is an interesting combination of action, role-playing and, most importantly, adventure styles. The first part of this series of games was just like the title of an Idle and RPG game, but Lemon Jam Studio decided to release the second part this time in the style of Adventure. But the interesting thing is that these two games are very close to each other in terms of style, context, shape and image, and in fact follow a specific style. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameInfinite Knights Ash
DeveloperLemon Jam Studio
Android Version Required4.4 and up
Last UpdateAugust 29, 2022

Features of Infinite Knights Ash:

  • ■ Fantasy RPG with Idle Mechanics
  • Experience the classic and old-school turn-based role-playing game with a fresh visual style. Switch to the auto-combat mode and let the knights fight in their own ways whenever you want!
  • ■ Cultivate Your Knights
  • Knights of 9 different classes and 6 ranks are waiting for you to hire them! Train them in the altar, equip them with the equipment you forged, cross the dimension gate to boost up their power…There are so many ways that can make your knights stronger than ever!
  • ■ Unique Skills for Each Class
  • Assemble your team strategically and maximize every knight’s potential! Command them to fight against the Demon King on the 100th floor and see what will happen next!
  • ■ New Maps & Monsters
  • Come and enjoy the infinite knight world with the brand new design! More features, more characters, and more regions are coming soon in the near future!

Game Infinite Knights Ash It is a very stereotypical story of ancient heroes who faced a great enemy and his army to save humanity. The story takes place in an ancient historical period. When humans are suddenly attacked by an army of demons. The demons intend to conquer the human kingdom and conquer the world! Five heroes from the Kingdom stand up to protect the Kingdom lands and stand with all their might against the main enemy, the Demon King. Success is achieved in the fierce battle of the heroes with the great enemy, but at the last moment of the battle, Demon King turns his remaining force into a grain and transports it to the depths of the earth.

Years pass from this battle, and people who thought their enemy was gone forever are surprised by something very strange. The seed that went into the ground years ago turns into a strange flower after all this time. This flower was in fact the last remnant of the evil king who has been rebuilding and storing energy to return all this time. Now he is back, this time with a more dangerous and powerful army to take revenge on the protagonists. During Infinite Knights – Ash, you have to fight and destroy evil enemies in various places in the form of group battles and RPGs.