Knighthood Mod Apk (check enabled) v1.16.2 + Data

Knighthood Mod Apk (check enabled) unlocked + Data

Knighthood Mod Apk is an interesting and well-made game from the big and famous company King in the style of role-playing and action games, which is offered for free with in-app payment and is available to Android players around the world. Knighthood is a very attractive and beautiful game whose spectacular yet fantasy designs can delight anyone with any taste. This game is designed by adapting many titles in the same style and by adding new sections, items and elements, it has offered a different and entertaining game for the audience and especially for those who are interested in role-playing games. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Installation and Running Knighthood:

  1. Download and install the installation file first.
  2. Download the data file and unzip it. and Copy the “com.king.knightsrage” folder to the Android / Obb internal storage path.
  3. Run the game.

Game info

Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateJanuary 21, 2023

Features of Knighthood:

  • Follow the legendary Sir Edward Drakeson through your first RPG trials and battle him to prove your worth to the Order of Rage.
  • Earn your Gauntlet, the powerful relic and symbol of the Order of Rage and begin your epic RPG adventure in Astellan, at the edge of a colourful fantasy world.
  • Play the game of fame and riches by collecting legendary items to customize and strengthen your Rage Knight.
  • In this brand new RPG, recruit and upgrade Ancient Heroes to improve your battle powers.
  • Call upon your Rage to unleash your Heroes’ unique abilities during a fight.
  • Win rare treasure in hunts and quests to improve your gear and up your game.
  • Collect Ancient Heroes to fight by your side and summon their epic abilities in times of need.
  • Choose your RPG strategy. Select your weapons and heroes to fit your goals and win the fight!
  • Master your RPG combat skills: Create a perfect chain of attacks switching between weapon, gauntlet and Hero powers.
  • Defeat fellow knights, and become the Hero of the PvP arena.

In Knighthood In fact, players have two main goals. The first goal is to face the monsters and enemies that are destroying human lands and creating danger for them, and the second goal will be to become the most powerful and famous knight among all the fighters of this great and legendary land! In the role of this knight, along with other knights known as Rage Knights, you defended against a group of evil enemies years before humans. But this time the situation is a little more complicated and risky than before.

This time, an evil and powerful monster named Lord Karnon has attacked different parts of the world with a huge army of his forces and is destroying everything. Now once again you have to show off the glory of the Knights in Knighthood, and once again attack the enemy base and destroy them, and finally reach the great boss and fight him, once again from humans and the world. Defend against this great enemy. Knighthood game style is a role-playing game and is turn-based or turn-based.