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Last Hope 3 Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked

Last Hope 3 Mod Apk Sniper Zombie War is the third game in the Last Hope 3 franchise from the Swedish studio JE Software AB in the action genre, which is released for free but with in-app payments. we also have two previous episodes, Last Hope – Zombie Sniper 3D and Last Hope 2 Sniper – Zombie War. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameLast Hope 3
DeveloperJE Software AB
Android Version Required6.0
Last UpdateFebruary 20, 2023

Features of Last Hope 3 Mod Apk:

  • Story: Help the survivors to rebuild the city and save the world from horror.
  • Sniper: Become a deadly assassin. Assassinate targets from far distances.
  • Contracts: Can you take out an invasion of infected zombies in time?
  • Defense: Survive the zombie horde in first person. Kill endless waves of zombies.

world destroyed by zombies

Last Hope 3: Sniper Zombie War is an action game full of excitement in which you play the role of security forces in a world that has been destroyed by zombies. The world is close to complete destruction by a deadly virus and now it is the zombies who have become the rulers of the human world.

not particularly different from the previous episodes

In terms of story, it should be said that Last Hope 3: Sniper Zombie War is not particularly different from the previous episodes and has continued their overall story. But this time, in the third part, we see interesting changes in the game process.

scary and very dangerous monster

This time your main enemy is the boss of all zombies who is a scary and very dangerous monster. Throughout the game, you seek to find and destroy this monster, because by destroying it, the zombie army is likely to be weakened.

clear the city from zombies

In the game Last Hope 3 you have to clear the city from zombies. For this you will have access to a wide range of firearms and combat equipment. Of course, in order to get these weapons, you have to buy them with the money you get from passing the stages.

upgrade your weapons

You can also upgrade your weapons and make them stronger. The game style of Last Hope 3: Sniper Zombie War is a first-person action game, but you do not have the ability to move freely in this game, and the character of the game moves automatically and stops as soon as you reach the zombies.

Aim and shoot to kill

Aim and shoot at the zombies to kill them before they get close to you. You can destroy zombies faster by aiming at their heads. The graphics of the game are admirable in proportion to the size and the environmental details are suitable and attractive.

guns physics

The physics of guns and destructibility are at the standard level, and in general, it should be said that the game Last Hope 3 is a well-made and beautiful game in this style.