Last Mage Standing Mod Apk (infinite free prize) v2.135.1481

Last Mage Standing Mod Apk (infinite free prize) unlocked Download

Last Mage Standing Mod Apk It is the name of a game in the action genre that has been published by Roboto Games development studio for mobile devices with Android operating system. Roboto Games game development studio is one of the famous and well-known studios in the Android market, which has already had the experience of making other great games such as Age of Rivals in its game development portfolio. Last Mage Standing is another great and well-made game from this game studio that with its exciting and fun gameplay has been able to bring another unique and unique experience for gamers. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameLast Mage Standing
DeveloperRoboto Games
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateMay 19, 2022

Features of Last Mage Standing Mod Apk:

  • Battle royale (solo or trios)
  • Tower defense (quads) – pve
  • Hold the gold (duos)
  • Collect and upgrade
  • Equip your guardians
  • Rule the leaderboards
  • Form alliances

Battle Royale, tower defense, and survival games

This game is basically an online browser and multiplayer game with elements of Battle Royale, tower defense, and survival games that take you to a fantasy world; A world where the heroes each have deadly skills and abilities that will be devastating to enemies. The gameplay is such that you choose a hero according to your taste and style of play and enter different game modes.

earn rewards and upgrades

As you progress in these modes, you can earn rewards and upgrades, and upgrade your hero and roll it up. This will increase your hero’s offensive and defensive power and make it easier for you to progress in game modes. Game heroes are a variety of characters, including familiar characters such as Archer, Swordsman, Wizard, Ninja, and lesser-known characters such as Dwarf, Spinner, Dragon Wilder, Damon Hunters, Makeup Rapper, and more.

ancient myths of different countries and cultures

Inspired by the ancient myths of different countries and cultures, there are more than 10 heroes in the game to choose from, and playing with each of them can offer you a different gameplay experience that is unique in its kind. It is unique.

4 modes in the game

As mentioned earlier, in Last Mage Standing You can choose one of several game modes to your liking and start playing. There are currently 4 modes in the game, each of which has its own charms. But perhaps the most attractive of these modes is the “Battle Royale” mode. In this mode, gamers team up with each other and compete with other teams online.

killing is not very important

There is an interesting mechanism in this mode, which is that your killing is not very important, because each time you are killed, you return to the game. But with each death, your return to the game increases, which can eventually lead to the defeat of your team. In this way, any team that can kill all the champions of the rival team sooner will win.

not to get killed

The next mode is “Tower Defense” mode. In this mode you have to try not to get killed as much as you can and protect the magic crystal against huge waves of enemies. “Hold the Gold” mode is the third game mode. In this mode, which also has a very high speed, you have to try to enter into breathtaking battles with rival teams to survive and get the most gold.