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Last Resistance Mod Apk Idle zombie survival RPG The name of a game in the role-playing genre published by AnotherTrick game development studio for mobile devices with Android operating system. Last Resistance Idle zombie survival RPG has a unique and fun gameplay that is attractive to both role-playing and survival veterans and newcomers. The story of the game begins when the zombie virus infects the people of the world and has killed many people. But few people have yet to be infected with the virus and have survived. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameLast Resistance
Android Version Required7.0
Last UpdateApril 17, 2022

Features of Last Resistance Mod Apk:

  • Create your own guns with the gun parts that you loot. Upgrade and combine the parts to become the strongest survivor.
  • Loot & become stronger without all the manual grinding! Your survivor battles on while you are away from your phone! She will look for gear and kill zombies for you while you are away.
  • Make game changing decisions by spending points in one of the skill trees every time you reach a new level. Become the strongest survivor with your unique build.
  • Battle other players and climb the rankings. Only the strongest will survive.
  • Use manual skills to complete hard stages. Bandage yourself or use the rapid-fire skill to mow down hordes of zombies.

These survivors have been able to organize themselves in any way possible and resist the zombies and their threats. You are one of those survivors who has not yet been infected with the zombie virus but is unaware of the resistance group. Crossing a street, you suddenly notice a defenseless stranger stuck in a corner of the street and a group of zombies are moving towards him. You pick up your gun and kill all the zombies in one go and save him.

Talking to this stranger, you realize that the number of survivors is more than you thought, and they have formed a resistance group. This is where your adventure begins and you try to find the resistance group and join them.