Light On Light Off Game Mod Apk (infinite gold coin) v0.6

Light On Light Off Game Mod Apk (infinite gold coin) unlocked

Light On Light Off Game Mod Apk is the second game of the new and unknown studio DT Corp, which is completely free on Google Play and available to Android players around the world. The style of the game is adventure games, but with puzzle and intellectual elements, and that’s why the creator of the game has used the word Puzzle Adventure to describe it. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameLight On Light Off Game
DeveloperDT Corp
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateSeptember 21, 2022

Features of Light On Light Off Game Mod Apk:

  • There are lots of missions to get done
  • there are many other characters waiting for you to unlock and play with
  • skills to help you, so make sure to acquire as many as you can and you can upgrade them as you see fit
  • The game currently features 4 different worlds with 10 levels each that you need to clear to get to the hardest of them all
  • Trust Nothing, Even the walls are deadly, so be extra careful if you want to succeed
  • Everything is pitch black, nothing can save you from the darkness except your own skills

unique due to its interesting design features

Light On Light Off Game has been different and unique for many players due to its interesting design features. The creative and interesting idea of ​​the game has helped a lot to gain its popularity.

ready for one of the most difficult games

To introduce this title, the creator of the game invited the audience to a difficult challenge in the first description and said, are you ready for one of the most difficult games? This claim is made because of its difficulty level and challenging gameplay process. Are you going to be one of those who face failure in completing the stages of this game?

It doesn’t have a special story

Light On Light Off Game It doesn’t have a special story and its general nature seems to remain unclear, so that maybe in this way it helps to make the game more mysterious and strange. But in general, it should be said that the whole game is about your attempts to escape from a strange, big and dangerous tower.

gain the necessary points

The main character of the game is called Rondo, but during the stages and by gaining the necessary points, you have the possibility to unlock other characters (other skins) and change the appearance of the main character of the game.

skills of the characters

The game developer says that in order to succeed in Light On Light Off Game, you need to use the skills of the characters. The more steps you complete, the more skills you will get. In this game you are stuck in a mysterious and mysterious world.

complex labyrinth

A world that is like a complex labyrinth. Don’t trust anything in this place because almost everywhere in this spiral is covered with dangerous traps. You have to determine your path with the help of the skills of the game characters and intellectual strategies and go through a different adventure.