Magic Siege Mod Apk (infinite money, premium) v1.95.300

Magic Siege Mod Apk (infinite money, premium) unlocked

Magic Siege Mod Apk Defender A strategy game from the game publishing studio AKPublish pty ltd, which has been released for free in the Android Market. You are a powerful wizard defending your castle against the waves of monsters. Use tactical skills and magic skills and inscriptions with different effects and kill all the enemies. Use the spell upgrade system to increase your magic so that you can kill more powerful monsters. The main character of the game is a magician who has various spells and spheres to defend himself. You must use these inscriptions and magic balls to prevent the zombies from entering the castle. You should also try to produce and use more powerful spheres by upgrading spells. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameMagic Siege
DeveloperAKPublish pty ltd
Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateNovember 01, 2022

Features of Magic Siege:

  • Fight all kinds of zombies and monsters
  • Fantastic graphics and good sound effects
  • Good game design
  • Includes 6 magic weapons
  • There are 4 serious inscriptions

As mentioned, Magic Siege Defender has good graphics and unique sound effects during the game will excite you. It is also possible to upgrade weapons and magic to defend more and better than the castle, and you can use the coins you earn during the game to upgrade your items and become more powerful with zombies and monsters. Deal with it. The game consists of many different and challenging stages and each stage can convey a lot of excitement to the player. During the game, different and stronger zombies will attack you and you must think of a way to deal with them in advance.

In different stages, you will play the role of a powerful mag who will defend his castle against the waves of monsters. This will definitely not be easy! In order to overcome your enemies and make them understand, you will need to use tactical skills and a considerable amount of magic skills as well as magic inscriptions with various effects. With the spell upgrade system, you can increase your magic, in which case you can defeat even more powerful monsters and eliminate them. Your main enemies are a ton of powerful zombies and monsters.