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Man Or Vampire Mod Apk (infinite coin) unlocked

Man or Vampire Mod Apk is a game starring the awesome Android by Game Studios and published HIDEA. An interesting game has a very beautiful story that will be very exciting for you to follow. Paradise was a place where human beings were kept forever. Everything was going well. Until the guardians of the borders of heaven, who are the vampires, did not do their job properly. At this moment, there is a need for a king to sort out the situation and restore the order of the past, and you must take this responsibility and re-establish heaven. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameMan Or Vampire
Android Version Required4.2
Last UpdateAugust 06, 2021

Features of Man Or Vampire:

  • Step into a mysterious and scary world
  • Search different maps to find the escape route
  • Leave many dungeons behind
  • In the dungeons, beware of the guards, they appear at once
  • Grow the main character and learn from other colleagues
  • Amazing and convenient sound
  • Unique and beautiful graphics

As mentioned, Man or Vampire is a very attractive role- playing game for Android, and by installing and running it, you can follow a very interesting story. You must act as the new king of heaven to re-establish it. You have to meet or fight with different vampires and humans. The main character of the game is a human and a vampire and you can choose partners to play. That way they will accompany you throughout the game and help you. The way the game is designed is very attractive and the strategic battles of the game are designed to be very exciting.

The battles of this game will be partisan and the form of struggle will change depending on the line and geography of the party. There are several dungeons that are created randomly. Map search is mandatory to get out of the dungeon! Be careful because prison employers appear suddenly and threaten you with different patterns. There are currently many accessories available to help you in various stages. In this role-playing game, like other similar titles such as Demon Warrior, the main character has to be developed because he is the only human in the game and Is a vampire.