Memento Mod Apk (infinite money, life) v1.50.55

Memento Mod Apk (infinite money, life) unlocked

Memento Mod Apk detective crime investigation It is the name of an adventure game published by Twinaleblood game studio for Android devices. Guts United game studio has released other good games for gamers in the Android market before this game and has a lot of experience in making detective games. Their newest game, Memento: detective crime investigation, is also a detective game. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateSeptember 07, 2022

Features of Memento Mod Apk:

  • Solve the case thanks to realistic interaction with complex characters
  • Interactive investigation has two story lines
  • Enjoy interactive crime drama while tracking a target using a map, breaking into houses, receiving calls, and solving the killer’s riddles to investigate crime scenes like in murder games
  • Criminal mini-games
  • Interactive chat like in the most breathtaking text games
  • Artistic photography and videos
  • Detective gameplay with the deep psychological thriller involvement in characters’ private lives
  • The fates of the heroes and their relatives depend on your choices and crime investigation of murder
  • Multiple endings

mysterious and puzzle

Detective games have always been exciting for gamers due to their mysterious and puzzle nature. But these games have gained many fans in mobile games for some time and the upcoming game is one of these games.

detective crime investigation

While the idea of ​​this game is almost like other detective games, at the same time Memento: detective crime investigation is presented in a completely different world and atmosphere, which makes this game stand out from other games in its category.

take on a serial murder case

In the game Memento: detective crime investigation, you have to take on a serial murder case and try to catch the killer and hand him over to the law. You have to investigate and investigate the crime scenes one by one and solve the mysteries hidden inside them to be able to reach the ends of the threads.

Just like Duskwood

Just like Duskwood Crime & Investigation Detective Story, you have to use calls, use messages, use computer hacking, examine photos and documents, talk to suspects, and more. Do so-called detective work so that you can find the killer.

excellent and engaging level

All in all, the design of the game’s stages are excellent and engaging in a way that will keep you glued to your seat until the end. The high level of realism of calls, conversations, and other tasks that require interaction make you identify with the characters and immerse yourself in the storyline of the game.