Milo And The Magpies Mod Apk (all level) v1.0.6 Download

Milo And The Magpies Mod Apk (all level) unlocked

Milo and the Magpies Mod Apk is a fun and very beautiful game in the form of a well-made and admirable work of art, which is made and presented in an adventurous style and genre. The studio of this game is the Dutch company Second Maze, which is in fact one of the partner companies and subsidiaries of Rusty Lake. Second Maze has launched the game Milo and the Magpies for $2.49 on Google play. Second Maze Studio for making the famous game The White Door Which we introduced a long time ago in ApkDip has become famous. Now the second project of this studio called Milo and the Magpies has finally been released. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameMilo And The Magpies
DeveloperSecond Maze
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateJune 22, 2022

Features of Milo And The Magpies:

  • Relaxing yet stimulating game-play
  • Get Milo across 9 unique gardens by interacting with the environment and solving small point and click / hidden-object puzzles.
  • Captivating artistic atmosphere
  • Each hand-painted garden Milo has to sneak through has its own unique personality, style and collection of fun characters for you to meet and interact with.
  • Atmospheric soundtrack
  • Each garden has its own theme song composed by Victor Butzelaar.
  • Average playtime: 1.5 hours

Game Milo and the Magpies Like many other similar games in this genre, it is not just a simple game. This game is truly a work of art that should not be underestimated. In this game, you will look at the world from a different perspective and you will be entertained by following an interesting story. The story of Milo and the Magpies is about a domestic cat named Milo. This cat, who is a playful and adventurous cat, one day encounters a raven that wanders in the backyard.

At first, Milo considers him a friend and wants to play with him, but after a little jumping, he realizes that this raven tends to bother him more! So he chases after the raven and then encounters more ravens. After a while, he realizes that he has moved away from his house and now he finds himself in a neighbor’s house and a place far from home. During Milo and the Magpies, you must help Milo find his way back home by solving various puzzles and riddles. A lot of interesting things happen to Milo during this adventure.