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Miracle Merchant Mod Apk A card game from Arnold Rauers game development studio, which has been released for free in the Android Market. Here you are a student of a chemist who creates potions for his customers. By mixing and combining different ingredients, it prepares powerful concoctions based on customers’ needs. Each game has a unique set of cards that are randomly generated to test your skills. You can collect handmade potions by completing the games. Complete your daily tasks with other players and gain new skills. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameMiracle Merchant
DeveloperArnold Rauers
Android Version Required4.4 and up
Last UpdateMarch 17, 2022

Features of Miracle Merchant:

  • Lovely graphics and cartoons
  • Interesting and admirable designs
  • Fun gameplay in the style of card games
  • Playing the role of an alchemist
  • Existence of more than 40 types of potions and elixirs during the game and the possibility of discovering and making each one
  • Ability to combine and integrate different raw materials to make new things
  • Existence of various customers during the game and the possibility of selling products to them
  • Daily sub-missions
  • Completely solo process or so-called solitaire without the need for other players
  • Has a world leaderboard to compete with other players

In Miracle Merchant, the process is followed by combining cards. In Miracle Merchant, your task is to correctly and creatively combine different raw materials to make a potion. This will be done with a simple but fun process of combining and using the cards. To become more familiar with the whole game and identify valuable items, you need to play the game for a few minutes. The potion trader game is for card game and composition enthusiasts and can be an interesting and entertaining option for creative game lovers.

The structural patterns of Miracle Merchant are very similar to other games in this studio, and in this regard, it should be said that Arnold Rauers has used his usual style in this game as well. Miracle Merchant game has an interesting story and its content, although a simple idea, has a special charm. In this game you are in the role of an intern who is training in a secret place. But what training? Make potions, elixirs and magic!