Moonrise Arena Mod Apk (infinite money) v1.13.10 Download

Moonrise Arena Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked Download

Moonrise Arena Mod Apk Pixel Action RPGA role-playing game Role Playing game studio, is an action RPG game. In this game, you can meet 2 characters – Alice and Goodrick. They all have unique skills, game mechanics and different features. Moonrise Arena was created by Roika developers in a nostalgic pixel style. The heroes in the game were attacked by ghosts and demons, now they must become stronger and rid the country of invaders. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameMoonrise Arena
Android Version Required6.0 and up
Last UpdateFebruary 28, 2021

Features of Moonrise Arena:

  • No internet connection required
  • Beautiful graphics
  • A role-playing and pixel game
  • Use special effects
  • A story about good and evil
  • Different and unique enemies
  • More than 20 different places to fight
  • Role-playing and action RPG
  • Unique game skills and mechanics
  • Types of equipment and the possibility of updating them
  • Enemies with random stats and moves
  • Strengthen the game hero with various items

The game has 20 locations where enemies appear from portals and are randomly played every few seconds. Unique enemies appear sometimes, they have random stats and you can not predict their power. That’s why Moonrise Arena is never boring. Your character and enemies are fast, if you do not want to lose this game you always have to move. There are several possibilities to strengthen your personality. You can make weapons in your armor and put precious stones there, you can also combine several stones of the same type to get an updated one.

In Moonrise Arena, there are many possibilities to upgrade the game characters. There are 8 different types and 7 types of equipment and weapons. You can make slots in your armor and place gems there, you can also combine several gems of the same type to get an updated version. Also, a character named Smith, who is in the city, happily upgrades the game’s character armor and makes it more powerful, which makes it better.