Mousebot Mod Apk (all skin, cheese, energy) v2021.08.28

Mousebot Mod Apk (all skin, cheese, energy) unlocked

MouseBot Mod Apk is an engaging and entertaining action style game designed and published by the Vector Unit development team. In this game you have to guide the robot mouse through the spirals of imaginary mechanical traps created by CatLab scientists. Avoid the metal giant Kitty Krushers, jump on Roller Graters, avoid scary slips and mines, and make your way to the acid melting pools to win the epic quest for cheese and freedom. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

DeveloperVector Unit
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateSeptember 09, 2021

Features of Mousebot Mod Apk:

  • Experience over 65 exciting levels
  • Unlock new abilities like jumping, gliding!
  • Collect epic cheeses and various prizes!
  • Buy new colors and accessories to customize the mouse
  • Eye-catching cartoon images for viewing on phone, tablet and TV
  • Control options include touch screen, gamepad
  • Record points on Google Play game services, achievements and cloud storage

By overcoming different levels and learning the necessary skills, you will discover the mysterious laboratories created by cats. They have new plans and traps for you that you must discover. Collect all kinds of cheeses along the way and buy new and more powerful shells and looks for yourself by earning more points. In this game, in addition to observing creative stages, you can acquire skills such as quick and timely reactions, scheduling to reach the goal, eating delicious cheeses!

As you increase concentration, you must guide the robot mouse through imaginary mechanical spirals and traps created by CatLab cat scientists. In each level there are different places that you have to pass through and along the way you will face all kinds of challenges and laser and mechanical traps. Sometimes you may pass under the roller and sometimes laser lights will kill you. However, in order to reach the cheese and get rid of it, you have to cross the barrier of these problems.