Murders On Budapest Mod Apk (infinite ticket) v1.0.7 Download

Murders On Budapest Mod Apk (infinite ticket) unlocked Download

Murders on Budapest Mod Apk is another game from the creative studio Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games) in South Korea, which after making and releasing games such as Mystic Guardian , Wonder Knights , 7Days – Decide your story , Buff Knight Advanced and My Oasis , Underworld Office : and Not Exactly A Hero are made in the same style as the games. Murders on Budapest is actually a story adapted from the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel in the form of a mobile adventure game, but the story has changed a lot. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameMurders On Budapest
DeveloperBuff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateOctober 04, 2022

Features of Murders On Budapest Mod Apk:

  • Easy to read story and lots of pictures that even beginners can enjoy
  • Tribute to the great mysterious writers from Agatha Christie to Higashino Kigo.
  • Humor that breaks through the stereotypes of the mysterious story
  • Choose based on your choice, gameplay and type of adventure
  • The more you play, discover new paths and choices
  • From RPG to arcade games, your story Takes on a variety of genres
  • a visual mystery novel in the form of a messenger app

adventurous and interactive game

However, at first glance, the features of this game can be realized. In Murders on Budapest, just like most other Buff Studio games, you are dealing with an adventurous and interactive title that your choices will have a direct impact on the process. The general nature of this game will flow with your conversations as the main character of the game with other characters in the game.

unexpected and mysterious story

Game Murders on Budapest It tells the story of an ordinary story related to an unexpected and mysterious story. In this game you are in the role of the main character of the game called Doyle. Doyle goes to the heights of a snow-capped mountain for mountaineering, but soon the situation worsens and the weather becomes worse than it once was. A snowstorm causes him to lose his way.

encounter with a girl

Meanwhile, when he is moving without full knowledge of the route, he encounters a young girl who is lying on the snow and seems to be fainting. Doyle decides to help him, and it is not long before a group of other climbers arrive at the same spot and a dialogue ensues. Although you can also make your own decision in these dialogues, because the main storyline of the game starts from the second part, these decisions in the first part do not have very different results.

warm place and food

The group, accompanied by the main character, arrives at a nearby mansion and asks the host for help to provide them with a warm place and food. The host also invites them into this large mansion (which is similar to the Budapest Hotel), but very soon strange things start to happen that scare you and your companions. The first thing is the murder of one of the people who was with you in this mansion and everything seems mysterious and conspiratorial.