Narcos Idle Cartel Mod Apk (infinite money) v4.1.1 Download

Narcos Idle Cartel Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked

Narcos Idle Cartel Mod Apk is a new Android game in the style of simulation made by Tilting Point and you can install and enjoy on your Android devices! When you play this game with El Patron, the legendary smuggler, you will realize how dangerous and seductive his world can be. Do you keep your hands clean or do you do whatever it takes to survive and grow? In this clickless idle game, you decide who will become a big capitalist. Build alliances, upgrade your gang, and raise idle money. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameNarcos Idle Cartel
DeveloperTilting Point
Android Version Required6.0
Last UpdateSeptember 10, 2022

Improve your business speed and increase your profits as you expand your factory, build a pipeline, train your workforce, and turn your small business into a thriving international cartel You convert that generates even during your game. Manage the resources of your unemployed Narco factory to make big money. Move through the cartel chain as far as it suits you. Hire managers to monitor the product. Design your strategy so that you can sit still, relax and be unemployed.

You are a Colombian cartel and your job is to manage the production, distribution and profits of the business. Become a billionaire by expanding your cartel business to build the best product. Go from a rag to a narco tycoon and experience the exciting life of the cartel in Narcos: Idle Cartel.

In Narcos Idle Cartel You decide to become a cartel financier. To do this, you need to form your own cartel network, unite with criminal gangs, produce and manage your products, build a distribution network, and make a profit from your business and become a multi-billionaire. The events of the game are very similar to the events of the Narcos series, and we see almost the same characters of the series in the game. And develop. During the game, you have to make decisions that are very difficult and are your main challenges. However, if you have seen the original series, you know exactly what decisions you need to make and you can easily move forward in the game.