Nuclear Day Mod Apk (infinite food, water) v0.4 Download

Nuclear Day Mod Apk (infinite food, water) unlocked

Nuclear Day Mod Apk Day Atomic is a very beautiful building in the style of game simulation and survival of the Studio portrait of the young Somnium Fabri is in the form of a free game, but with the possibility of in-app purchases for Android devices is released. Nuclear Day is the first game made by Somnium Fabri, which is actually a solo developer, but this project is much more than you can imagine, well-made and professionally designed. Nuclear Day tells the story of a post-world world from the perspective of one of the few survivors of humanity. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameNuclear Day
DeveloperSomnium Fabri
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateOctober 21, 2021

Features of Nuclear Day Mod Apk:

  • Hard surviving. You’ll be haunted by typical problems of survivor such as hunger, disease, thirsty, nuclear winter and gangs.
  • Unique story. You’ll meet a lot of interesting stories of different people, mystery puzzles and choices.
  • Dynamic world. There will be changing weather, managing forces, etc.
  • System of the craft
  • Unique story
  • Exploring the interesting world.

In Nuclear Day You are in the role of one of the survivors of this tragedy and your whole goal in this game is to try to survive. This lone survivor, a young man, has to do a lot to survive. The most important thing is to find food resources, tools and even weapons to protect yourself from other human beings who have no mercy on anyone to survive! The challenges of the game are all related to the post-future world and make the job very difficult for a surviving human being.

The story is about a world that, after several nuclear disasters in a full-blown world war, is almost completely destroyed and humans are destroyed by themselves. Only a few human beings are left in this terrible and tragic nuclear catastrophe. Atomic radiation remains in the Earth’s atmosphere even after great destruction, and the planet is no longer a place for any living thing to live!