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On Tour Board Game Apk A band tour is a board game developed by for $ 5.49. Made and released for Android devices. In this game, you will take your band to the road and travel to different states as much as possible to organize a wonderful tour. In terms of gameplay, this game is not very complicated and its mechanisms are very simple. The structure of the game is in the form of “dice roll and write” and as its name suggests, you must mark the different places on the map of the United States by pouring dice and using the numbers that give you luck. get the pro full paid version for free from ApkDip.

On Tour Board Game Pro

Connect all states, The main goal of you and your band in the game will be to get points, and to get the most points you can travel to as many different states as you can. Each state has a unique number, and to cross from one state to another, you must follow these numbers evenly or incrementally. For example, if the number of a state is 4, the number of the next state must be a number 4 or a number greater than 4, that is, 5 or 7, or 12, and so on.

On Tour Board Game Full

The creators have also used card elements to make the game more attractive. In this way, in each round of the game, 3 random cards from each category of cards are given to each player, which represents a part of the map, for example, a card containing the south of the map, a card containing the west of the map, And the next card includes the west of the map.

On Tour Board Game Free Download

In On Tour Board GameBy dumping dice, you will have 2 numbers, for example, if you have numbers 3 and 4, you can use them as numbers 34 and 43 and use them in a part of the map and assign 1 card to it. Of course, on each card, 1 state is marked with a circle, and if you use your number in that state, you can draw a circle around it to get more points if you visit it. Every once in a while you can use the star to mark states that have a neutral function.

Game info

NameOn Tour Board Game
Android Version Required4.1+
Last UpdateApril 16, 2020


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