PAC-MAN Mod Apk (Unlimited Life) v10.1.10 for Android

PAC-MAN Mod Apk (Unlimited Life) unlocked for Android

PAC-MAN Mod Apk arcade and classic studio environment Game Maker BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc has been published for free in the Play Store that has had unparalleled Statistics has recorded 50 million downloads in its repertoire. Using these stats, you can easily understand the popularity as well as the addictive gameplay. Download it free from ApkDip.


In the game PAC-MAN You have several different roles, each of which is very entertaining and interesting, for example fruit eating, yes it’s true you can eat different fruits in the game but one point It is important to keep in mind that ghosts may come to you at any moment and destroy you. Eat the fruit at high speed and let it run. After completing each level of the game you will be able to see your total scores, though the number of achievements in the game is so high that you can get high scores.

PAC-MAN unlimited life

New Spirals

– Types of spirals of different shapes and sizes are available to you. You’ll also need a special strategy to complete each of the spirals, according to the manufacturer.

Exciting tournament

– Participate in challenging tournaments where you win big prizes

– Compete against other players to improve your scores and rank

– The key to keeping the best record is your quick reaction and coolness

Achievements and Leaderboard

– The game now has more achievements than its predecessor and you can compete with friends and other players in exciting competition to compare your skills with the most professional players.

Tips and Tips

– The game has some useful tips and tips that will help you reach the professional level of the game.

PAC-MAN hack

Features of PAC-MAN:

  • Classic version that gives it exactly the same feel as before
  • Avoid ghosts and eat dots and fruits
  • Spirals in all shapes and sizes to add to your collection
  • Every spiral needs a different strategy, can you master it all?
  • Challenge competitions, play competitive games and win big prizes
  • Your reaction time and reflexes are key to getting the best score
  • The classic game that now comes with more achievements
  • Challenge your friends on the scoreboard and become the best player in the world

Game info

Android Version Required4.1+
Last UpdateJanuary 10, 2022


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