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Peace Death Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked

Peace Death Mod Apk A game fun and awesome for Android by Game Studios and published AZAMATIKA. As the name of this fascinating game shows, you will enter a different world. In this game, you will do a strange and hard job. You will determine the fate of people and you have to decide for each one. You face a lot of people every day and you have to make decisions about their lives. You have to take them to heaven or throw them in hell. Of course, you have to make a quick decision and make the right decision so that you can continue your work. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NamePeace Death
Android Version Required4.1
Last UpdateNovember 02, 2021

Features of Peace Death:

  • Unique soundtrack to suit the spirit of the theme
  • More than a hundred Fate cards, which affect your work day.
  • New famous and unknown characters in the underworld
  • Investigate the characteristics of each person and identify demons, killers or angels
  • Complete unexpected and fast unique events in specific situations and illnesses
  • Every day has a special theme day and use the elevator to send to hell and heaven

As mentioned, Peace, Death! A game fun and awesome for Android that you provide different gameplay. This game has a different design and takes you to a strange world. You will be the agent of death and you will have to decide the fate of different people. Everyone makes statements in self-defense, but not all of them are true. You have to make the right decision based on each person’s background to send him or her or throw him or her into hell with one kick. You have to take off their hats to see their evil horns and make colorless decisions for them. The game has a different design and can entertain you well.

Enter the world of the dead, where you must determine the eternal destiny of each person. It is up to you to go to hell or heaven. So try to take them to hell or heaven using the elevator. To determine who is good and who is guilty, you should look at his appearance and personality details. For example, look at the book he is holding and see if he has a heavenly book or an evil book or look into his eyes because the red color of his eyes indicates that the character of the dead person is evil.