Physics Drop Mod Apk (everything unlock) v3.0.3.1 Download

Physics Drop Mod Apk (everything unlock) Download

Physics Drop Mod Apk is a very attractive brain teaser game for Android, developed and published by IDC Games. As the name of the game and its category shows, you can install and run a very attractive brain teaser and complete various challenges. Your only tool in this game will be a pencil to draw lines, and of course you should know that the law of gravity is also available in the game. Your task is to draw different lines to open the way for the red ball to enter the specified U to complete the various steps quickly and easily without getting stuck. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NamePhysics Drop
DeveloperIDC Games
Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateJanuary 21, 2022

Features of Physics Drop:

  • An intriguing intellectual title
  • Draw lines with a pencil
  • Deliver the ball to the destination
  • Influence of the law of gravity on the ball and the lines drawn
  • It has many different stages
  • Diverse in-game challenges
  • Ability to compete online with other users
  • Test your mind
  • Proper design
  • Simple graphics

As mentioned, Physics Drop game is a very attractive intellectual title for Android that by installing and running it, you can see the attractive challenges in front of you and test your mind. The game follows the rules of physics and gravity will affect the ball and the lines you draw with the pencil, and you must draw them in such a way that you can easily guide the ball into the specified destination and the game steps to Check out.

There is a white and lined plate in front of you that you have to make the ball fall into the U with the help of diagonal and curved lines. Of course, there are challenges and obstacles along the way to test the player’s abilities. Both the ball and the lines react to the law of gravity, and you must be careful not to move the ball into a group of lines! This educational game has 18 physical problems to solve and if you get stuck anywhere, click the restart button.