Pipe Lines Hexa Mod Apk (infinite hint) v22.0916.00 Download

Pipe Lines Hexa Mod Apk (infinite hint) unlocked

Pipe Lines Hexa Mod Apk is a game of intellectual awesome for Android by Game Studios BitMango yet another fascinating game we’ve seen it and been released. Brain teasers have different designs and this fascinating game also has a unique design. There are games in which you have to connect pieces of the same color, and this game is one of those games. Inside the game screen you will see several inputs and outputs for pipes of various colors and you have to drag each pipe from the origin to the destination. But to do this, you have to work very hard to make room for other pipes. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NamePipe Lines Hexa
Android Version Required4.4 and up
Last UpdateSeptember 22, 2022

Features of Pipe Lines Hexa:

As mentioned, Pipe Lines Hexa is a very attractive brain teaser game for Android, and by installing and running it, you can experience an exciting and very attractive gameplay. You have to connect the pipes of the same color and complete the game steps with high accuracy. Each pipe must pass through its own path so that you can connect the other pipes as well. It is possible to cut the pipes together and you have to concentrate well. The game also has interesting challenges that you can do to earn three stars from each stage.

The initial stages of the game are easy, but with more points and entering higher levels, you will face more challenges. If you are looking for a fun game for your leisure time, Pipe Lines will be a special offer for you. Game Pipe Lines: Hexa With its beautiful design and attractive game play, it can entertain you for hours. During the game, try to fill all the honeycomb cells and pass the 3-star challenges and increase your points and go through the stages of the game one after another.