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Polygon Fantasy Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked

Polygon Fantasy Mod Apk Fantasy polygon fun and well made in the style of role-playing (RPG) studio Alda Games Czech Republic Producer game The walking zombie: Dead city , The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter and World War Polygon: WW2 is a shooter that has been released as a free game. This game is one of the exclusive titles of the Android operating system, which was released only for the Android operating system at the time of its release. Alda Games Studio is known for making and releasing games with designs called Polygon, and it seems that the studio is trying to become a symbol of such designs and ideas. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NamePolygon Fantasy
DeveloperAlda Games
Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateDecember 03, 2022

Features of Polygon Fantasy:

  • Choose from multiple characters… or play as all of them!
  • Hack and slash gameplay typical for RPG games
  • Captivating story spanning 4 acts in completely different locations: beautiful forests of Blade Valley, treacherous Eternium Desert, Exiled Kingdoms of Twisted Realm or ice-covered Northern Empire where it is only a matter of time before yeti or blizzard ends your life
  • Randomly generated loot, and lots of it!
  • A great variety of enemies with randomly generated abilities: goblins, humans, dragons and various magical monsters
  • Intuitive controls
  • Looting gear, merging, crafting – everything you love in diablo-like role playing games
  • Become undisputed dungeon hunter in our Endless Dungeon mode with random generated floors
  • Seasons, each with amazing rewards for everyone

Polygon Fantasy: Diablo-like Action RPG Just like its name, it is a completely fantasy and imaginative title with polygonal designs. That’s why there seems to be no better name for this title than polygon fantasy! Although this game is considered an adventure and story, but maybe it is better not to be content with its adventure content due to the clichéd storyline, because the repetitive and constant story of the heroes’ battle with the evil forces once again in this game. used. This game is actually offered in action-role-playing style.

In Polygon Fantasy: Diablo-like Action RPG, you play the role of heroes who must sacrifice and bravely face the enemies of humans, who are demonic forces, to save humanity. The title of the game, Diablo-like Action RPG, also indicates that the overall style of the game is based on the famous Diablo franchise. This is a Fast-paced Action title in which there are fast fights, a lot of fights and a lot of visual effects. The theme of the game is completely fantasy and everything is imaginary in that state.