Raspberry Mash Mod Apk (infinite soul, diamond) v1.4.3

Raspberry Mash Mod Apk (infinite soul, diamond) unlocked

Raspberry Mash Mod Apk is an interesting and entertaining game in the style of action games with pixel and rotor designs, which is offered for free by IGNITION M studio for Android devices and is available to users all over the world. The game was originally released as a computer game for the Windows and MacOS platforms, and after a long time, a mobile version was finally developed and released on Google Play for the Android operating system. RASPBERRY MASH is a completely pixelated and retro game that can be categorized not only in action style, but also in role-playing (RPG), adventure and arcade styles. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameRaspberry Mash
Android Version Required6.0
Last UpdateOctober 01, 2022

Features of Raspberry Mash:

  • Raspberry Mash a pixel-based fantasy world! Full of weapons!
  • Action [like a rogue]!
  • The story of a girl who swore revenge on God
  • , using various weapons to destroy all the enemies that stand in your way.
  • Escape the enemy attack using Dodge roll!
  • Feel catharsis through action and shooting.
  • The story flows every moment of your choice.
  • Can you reach Real Ending? Let’s move forward using different artifacts, weapons and skills.
  • In the game you have to fight with different forces in a fantasy world. You are in the role of a lone hero and there is no special help for you.

In this game, which tells an epic but fantasy story, you play the role of a girl who embarks on a difficult and dangerous adventure to take revenge on the gods. The creator of the game has refused to provide more information about the details of the game, and of course it should be said that due to the simple generality of the game, its storyline has probably received less attention. However, a very interesting point that makes this part of the game special and special, will be the possibility of changing the storyline of the game with your choices and decisions.

In the game Raspberry Mash You have to fight different forces in an imaginary world. You are in the role of a lone hero and there is no special help for you. You have to stand up to the enemies and destroy them according to your abilities and skills. Although the RASPBERRY MASH game designs are quite pixelated and retro, there are a lot of fights and fast-paced action scenes in the game that will both make it fun and at the same time an attractive challenge for you.