Resolute Hero Rpg Mod Apk (high damage, defense) v0.5.2

Resolute Hero Rpg Mod Apk (high damage, defense) unlocked

Resolute Hero RPG Mod Apk It is the name of a role-playing game published by Geometric Applications game studio for mobile devices with Android operating system. Resolute Hero RPG is basically a role-playing game whose gameplay focuses on character upgrade elements. In this game, you play the role of a hero and try to defeat the various monsters in the game and advance in the game. Apparently you have been in a long sleep and after you wake up, you suddenly realize that everything is different and you are in a strange and unknown world. After a short time, an angel will appear over your head and assure you that he will always be by your side and help you. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameResolute Hero Rpg
DeveloperGeometric Applications
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateFebruary 01, 2022

Features of Resolute Hero Rpg:

  • You can develop your character with countless combinations of massively powerful equipment:
  • 90+ weapons to choose from
  • 12 different types of armor slots with 180+ different total equipment options
  • Equip up to 5 different accessories

The angel tells you the story and tells you that your wife has been taken captive by evil forces and you must try to save her. Now you have to embark on a great adventure full of unpredictable challenges and difficulties and fight these evil forces so that you can save your spouse from them. But you should know that rescuing your spouse will not be easy at all, and you will have to fight and defeat monsters such as giant mice, dragons, large snakes, bats in breathtaking and difficult battles. .

Resolute Hero RPG That’s all you expect from a role-playing game. Your hero does not have much power at first and can not defeat all the monsters. You have to try to gain points and equipment by defeating the weaker monsters and roll up your hero so that he can catch up with the stronger monsters and defeat them. Your hero has limited energy which is equal to 25 fights. When your hero’s energy runs out, your hero falls asleep for a while to regain his energy. During this period, the points and equipment you have gained will not be lost, but your level will return to level 1.

Each time you roll your hero, power parameters such as damage to the enemy, defense against enemy attacks, and hero life increase. You can also use points to increase these parameters manually and selectively. But if you feel that your hero has not yet reached the point where he can defeat a particular monster, you can fight the previous monsters again and increase the power parameters of your hero to prepare for the fight against stronger monsters.