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Rooms & Exits Mod Apk (infinite free prize) unlocked

Rooms & Exits Mod Apk Escape Room is a fun and well-made puzzle title from the Serbian studio Webelinx Games, which has been released as a free title for Android devices. Experience the world of unique room escape games! Do not miss a good opportunity to solve brain puzzles and open 100 doors. Find rooms by searching rooms for clues and a combination of items to unlock codes, and have fun with the best 2021 adventure games. Solve the mystery of the escape room and open the door! This game requires complete patience, focus on detail and free mind. Your task is to completely search for hidden items, constantly view, connect all the hints and find the keys! get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameRooms & Exits
DeveloperWebelinx Games
Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateJanuary 27, 2023

Features of Rooms & Exits:

  • Mystery puzzle games with colorful escape room design and intuitive gameplay;
  • Multiple adventure escape rooms, each one different and more entertaining;
  • Challenging logic brain teasers to solve to escape the room;
  • Fun warm-up brain teasers levels for an easy start;
  • User-friendly hints to help you unlock escape room mystery games;
  • New levels added regularly.

Rooms & Exits Escape Room Games It lacks a main story, and since each stage of the game is followed in a specific location with special features, it does not seem to be a scenario-based title. The places designed in this game are varied and interesting. For example, during the game you will go to a cafe, a warehouse, a clothing store, a garage, a workshop, a secret room of a mansion and.. During these steps you have to find and open the main door of that place by finding special locks. Reaching the answer or the code of each of these doors is the last puzzle you solve at that stage.

Therefore, it may be necessary to first obtain the necessary prerequisites by solving other puzzles. The creator of the game claims that Rooms & Exits Escape Room Games is an interesting simulator of physical escape rooms in the real world. The puzzles of the game are different and different mechanisms have been used in their construction. Some of these puzzles can be very challenging. That’s why a help section has been designed in each step, with the help of which you can see the puzzle solving guide.