Rope Savior 3D Mod Apk (free prize) v1.6.1 Download

Rope Savior 3D Mod Apk (free prize) unlocked

Rope Savior 3D Mod Apk is the name of a game in the puzzle and intellectual genre, published by Lion Studios for mobile devices with Android operating system. The famous and well-known game development studio Lion Studios has already had the experience of making other good games in its game development portfolio, and the creator of games such as Pull Him Out , Merge Villa , Mr Ninja – Slicey Puzzles , Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles , Love Balls, And dozens of other good games. But Rope Savior 3D is basically a simple and relaxing stage puzzle game. In this game, you play the role of a hero whose task is to save people from accidents and misfortunes. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameRope Savior 3D
DeveloperLion Studios
Android Version Required7.0
Last UpdateOctober 15, 2022

Features of Rope Savior 3D:

  • The stage is set! Connect the ropes to each peg in the best order to stop the charging vehicle. Failing means the vehicle gets through and mayhem ensues!
  • Use your mind! Assess each level and lay out the rope in the best order possible. Each level poses a new challenge with new vehicles
  • Watch the mayhem ensue with the best physics on mobile! Will your rescue belts snap or can they stop a speeding train in its tracks?
  • Immerse yourself in the role of the next great hero! Is life getting a little crazy? Escape for a little in your own action story!

In Rope Savior 3D, this tangled puzzle title becomes the hero we need. Pull and fasten your seat belts to pull a strong barrier and prevent the car from colliding out of control. From trains, airplanes, to cars, use your incredible zip line skills to build the strongest barrier and become a lifeline master!

The rope rescue game is designed to look simple, but is actually harder than it sounds! Each level offers a new challenge with unique patterns and heavier vehicles. You need to understand how to tie each knot with a limited amount of rope available. Use your whole mind to make sure your life belt does not open or fall off. Tie a good knot to avoid tragedy in this fun but challenging puzzle game!