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Samurai 3 Mod Apk (one hit kill) unlocked

Samurai 3 Mod Apk Action fight Assassin games created by the Japanese studio WFS Studio, is a fascinating and entertaining action style game with elements of role-playing games (RPG) and adventure. This game has been released for free but with the ability to purchase in-app on Google Play and is available to Android users around the world. The style of action games, especially with the focus on samurai and legendary Japanese heroes such as ninjas and… has always been one of the most popular styles in all works of art from movies, series, cartoons and animation to comics and novels and even video games. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameSamurai 3
DeveloperWFS Studio
Android Version Required6.0
Last UpdateJuly 21, 2021

Features of Samurai 3 Mod Apk:

  • Hone Your Skills – Using weapons such as a katana and 6 fighting styles means you can fight any way you please. Very tense, quick and gory!
  • Mysterious Places – It is an open world that shows the simulating of beauty and diversity with An isometric hack and slash randomly-generated dungeons to explore in a historical Japanese setting.
  • Dynamic camera finds the best perspective for each encounter, adding variety while keeping focused on the action.
  • Lethal combat moves – Really amazing!
  • Get ready to face deadly opponents – Player always need to solve environmental puzzles, avoid dangerous traps, and discover useful items.
  • Between levels, gorgeous anime-style comic panels tell the samurai’s tale with original hand-drawn artwork.

With the significant development of the mobile game industry, we have witnessed the release of dozens of different titles in the action style of samurai-based games. Some of the most popular and popular Android games released in this field are titles such as Samurai II: Vengeance or Ronin: The Last Samurai Are a model for other games. Samurai 3 game is also one of these games, which, of course, was designed and made with the idea of ​​taking the mentioned titles and has been published in the form of a mobile game.

The story of Samurai 3 Action fight Assassin games According to the creator, it is actually a continuation of the famous story of 47 Ronin, which was presented in the form of a movie and possibly various video games. Although most of the stories of all the samurai-related works of art are very close to each other. The game also tells the story of a lone samurai who, after the destruction of his village and the killing of his family and loved ones by the evil samurai, decides to go to them for revenge.