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Samurai Story Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked

Samurai Story Mod Apk is an Android-powered handheld with paintings in the style of game arcades by Game Studios and published KATbIK STUDIOS made and you can have fun playing with your Android device! Samurai Story is a very fun arcade game. Be as fast as a ninja and as smart as a samurai. Press the flying arrows, run different fans on the enemies, break the spears. Take the rolls and buy a netsuke. I want you to meet Mr. Himura and find out the truth of his story. Interesting adventures are waiting for you. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameSamurai Story
Android Version Required4.1 and up
Last UpdateSeptember 14, 2021

Features of Samurai Story:

  • Four types of games are “history mode”, “free mode”, “fruit mode” and “platformer”.
  • For the passage of the “story Mode” you need to collect all the tokens.
  • “Story mode” made in the style of comics.
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics,
  • Beautiful traditional Japanese music.
  • Platformer with elements of metroidvania.

Samurai Story stages They have a good balance and offer a great variety. In all these modes, you take control of a samurai and you have the task to defeat the ninja enemies in each stage and enter the next stage. You can also use samurai weapons such as swords, shuriken, and. To do this. There is no progress system and no skill tree in the game, but fortunately the game’s combat system and controls are very simple and make it easy for you to progress through the game.

Your samurai character is controlled by virtual buttons at the bottom of your device screen. With the left buttons you can move back and forth, and with the right buttons you can use your weapons and jump. Unfortunately, the dash feature that is usually found in games of this genre is not considered in this game, but your jumps can be two-stage. The game loot system is slightly different from similar games.