Shadows Cradle Island Mod Apk (infinite tips) v1.1.54 + Data

Shadows Cradle Island Mod Apk (infinite tips) unlocked + Data

Shadows Cradle Island Mod Apk Puzzle RPG is an Android role-playing style game made by Colideas Games and has many interesting features that make it one of the best! Dexter pursued only one missing explorer to an island to engage in an ancient mystery. Help Dexter rescue Laura and unravel the mystery of an ancient immortal hidden in an open world RPG puzzle adventure. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Installation and Running Shadows Cradle Island:

  1. Download and install the installation file first.
  2. Download the data file and unzip it. and Copy the “com.ColideasGames.ShadowsCradleIsland” folder to the Android / Obb internal storage path.
  3. Run the game.

Game info

NameShadows Cradle Island
DeveloperColideas Games
Android Version Required7.1 and up
Last UpdateApril 22, 2021

Features of Shadows Cradle Island:

  • Nonlinear Task
  • You first decide what to complete. Shadows: Cradle Island offers non-linear tasks and you have complete control over your task.
  • Engage Backstory
  • Enjoy the Shadows story and the mystery of Cradle Island by completing a task or reaching a certain stage. How the story unfolds is all up to you.
  • Three different endings
  • How the story ends depends on the circumstances of leaving the island. Will you have the courage to complete the story or just miss the opportunity?
  • H memory and challenge your creativity
  • This type of game is not actually finding game parts in which you will continue by just clicking on the screen to find the object you want. In Shadows: Cradle Island, you have to explore the map to do your job, challenging enough short-term memory. You also need to be creative to figure out what helps you get the job done. Going deeper into the story, it becomes more difficult to complete.
  • An open world adventure
  • Connect with the world and objects to explore the map and complete your task. You will enjoy this game even when you are just exploring our map with very interesting graphics and navigation.
  • Feel
  • free to explore the day and night cycle during the day, but be careful at night. Do you have the courage to discover at night or just sleep? You decide.

In Shadows: Cradle Island Puzzle RPG You are on the side of a fantasy but fascinating story. The story is about a small but ancient city. Near this city, which is a coastal city, there is an island that is considered a mysterious island. A woman named Laura, a researcher, has discovered that the island is a special place where there is an undiscovered ancient legend.

So he set foot on the island alone to investigate. After a few days and Laura loses contact with her friends, one of Laura’s companions named Dexter goes to the island to find her. He and another person go to the island by helicopter, but suddenly their helicopter is hit by a strange force and crashes. Now you, as Dexter and his companion, must find a way on this island to find the hidden reasons for this.