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Shootero Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked

Shootero Mod Apk Space Shooting Attack An arcade game Is from GEMMOB Adventure game studio, which has been released for free on Android. In this Android game you have to enter a space battle and conquer the galaxy. If you are a fan of online shooting games like galaga shooting and want to try galactic games then this game is for you. Take on the role of a sniper hero in aerial combat against the wild enemies of Galaga and various traps with distinct movement patterns and various attack modes. Your screen will become a battlefield where you will use a variety of missiles, lasers and bullets. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

DeveloperGEMMOB Adventure
Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateDecember 01, 2022

Features of Shootero Mod Apk:

  • Fight different types of enemies and various traps
  • There are various attack modes
  • Build your strategy
  • Use over 50 different skills to add to your spaceship
  • The influence of various factors in aerial battles

Choose your favorite shooting pattern and use various skills to add to your spaceship to personalize your strategic battle. Each game you play shows the type of execution of your fight is unique and special. Shooting is also automatic, and you only have to move your spaceship so that the enemies are destroyed by your relentless firing and their arrows do not hit you. During the game, you can get different drops and after each stage, equip your spaceship with all kinds of modules. In this way, you will gain more power so that you can overcome the enemies and their stubborn bosses at higher levels.

Like most space shooter games, the early stages of Shootero Space Shooting Attack They are designed to be very easy and are more for you to get acquainted with the game and its gameplay. At each stage of the game, several waves of enemies are in front of you that you must be able to destroy. After destroying all the waves of enemies, you will face the boss of the stage, after defeating it, you can enter the next stage. To destroy the enemies, just move your spaceship at the bottom of the screen with your finger in any direction you want.