Sine the Game Apk v1.0.1 Free Download

Sine the Game Apk Free Download

Sine the Game Apk An extremely beautiful and incredibly well-made game with a simple but extremely fun idea that can be incredibly challenging at the same time. The game is on sale in the form of a premium and paid title for $ 2.99 by Lonely Vertex Studio in the Czech Republic on Google Play. Sine the Game, as its name implies, is a game about the sine (one of the trigonometric functions in mathematics). The whole game is not unlike what its name implies or something that has to do with issues related to trigonometric functions, and it just so happens to be very simple in nature. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameSine the Game
DeveloperLonely Vertex
Android Version Required4.1+
Last UpdateNovember 4, 2020

Features of Sine the Game:

  • A unique mix of genres and gameplay mechanics you’ve never seen before
  • Beautiful, minimalist visual design
  • Over 40 hand-crafted levels providing hours upon hours of gameplay
  • Immersive beats and audio created just for Sine (headphones recommended!)
  • Easy to learn, but challenging to master one-finger controls
  • Facebook and Google Play Games leaderboards

In this game you control a sine wave diagram and you have to guide it in an abstract world full of obstacles. This sine wave is able to deform exactly according to the laws of mathematics and sines, and deform like diagrams by changing the angle, so it can be guided in different places at different points.

The main goal of the players in Sine the Game This sinusoidal wave is directed forward in a direction where there are many obstacles in its place. Needless to say, dealing with these obstacles is the main red line of the game and you have to put all your focus to cross them. In addition to these obstacles, there are score items in the game. But in order to be able to perform well in this game, you have to learn the general mechanism of the game, which you will probably learn in less than a few seconds after the start of the first part of the game.