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Slice It All Mod Apk An arcade game from the VOODOO gaming studio, which produces games with simple graphics and addictive gameplay, and the games of this studio are installed on Google Play by more than 10 million and sometimes more by Android users. As before, games like Ball’s Journey , Shortcut Run , Draw Climber , , And…. from this studio. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameSlice It All
Android Version Required5.0
Last UpdateNovember 16, 2022

Features of Slice It All Mod Apk:

  • Simple and addictive gameplay
  • There are a variety of challenging stages
  • Excellent control
  • playing the game in different environments
  • the presence of all kinds of challenging obstacles

control the knife

Here you control a knife, as you guide your knife through different paths and environments, you have to divide everything in your way into two equal parts. Cut everything you see and overcome the amazing obstacles that come your way.

split the bricks, boards, icons

Tap to move the knife and split the bricks, boards, icons and many other items in half and get points and go to higher levels. The more things you can slice, the higher the score.

relaxing nature

The designs of this game have been done with the same lovely design language of most VOODOO games so that the special signature of this company can be seen in another one of these games. It should also be said that this game, like all similar titles, has a relaxing nature and you and your skills are not going to be challenged in it.

simplest possible way

Slice It All game It can be done in the simplest possible way. To play the game, just tap with one of your fingers on the screen at specific times. But what is your goal in this game? In Slice It All you control a knife. With each hit on the plate, this knife is thrown forward once, and the more hits it gets, the higher it gets.

proper timing

Now you have to try to move this knife forward with proper timing so that its sharp edge hits the objects on the way. Your main goal should be to cut everything you see along the way. Each stage is very short and at the end of each stage you have to try to get the most points by raising the knife and hitting the end column.

feel like cutting colored cakes

Contrary to the apparently violent idea, this game is completely designed in fantasy and all the objects that are embedded during the game to be cut are ordinary objects, and by cutting them, you will feel like cutting colored cakes.