Sniper Of Kill Mod Apk (infinite money) v1.0.6 + Data Download

Sniper Of Kill Mod Apk (infinite money) unlocked + Data

Sniper Of Kill Mod Apk Gun shooting The name of a game in the action genre published by YUNCHENWANGLUO game development studio for mobile devices with Android operating system. YUNCHENWANGLUO game development studio has already released other good games for gamers and has an admirable track record in the Android Market. But Sniper Of Kill: Gun shooting is another good game of this game studio that has been able to provide a unique experience for gamers interested in shooter games by providing an exciting and engaging gameplay. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Installation and Running Sniper Of Kill:

  1. Download and install the installation file first.
  2. Download the data file and unzip it. and Copy the “com.sniper.of.kill.gun.shoot.ops3d” folder to the Android / Obb internal storage path.
  3. Run the game.

Game info

NameSniper Of Kill
Android Version Required2.3
Last UpdateAugust 29, 2022

Features of Sniper Of Kill:

  • Top game graphics
  • World-class 3D modeling, each scene has a nuanced environment, the weather system, the moment when the bullet pops out, there is a shocking slow motion sniper
  • Rich arsenal
  • To be a top sniper, a good gun is definitely indispensable. Sniper rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, pistols, and even RPGs, a total of 72 weapons, covering almost all mainstream weapons on the market, including the world-renowned AK47, AWP, KAR98K, etc.
  • Personalized upgrade modification system
  • There is no strong weapon here. Every weapon can be upgraded and modified individually. Sometimes it is not the best to buy a more expensive gun. You need to earn more game coins in the level to upgrade. Various attributes of the weapon, including muffler, muzzle, ammunition, body, grip, magnifier, magazine, etc.
  • Large game map
  • 10 maps with different scenes, from the deserts of the Middle East to the cities of Europe, from the rainforests of the Americas to the jungles of Australia, here can be your battlefield, in battle like scenery from all over the world
  • Hundreds of exciting tasks
  • There are 20 main missions in each map. In addition, there are different ways to play stronghold battles, capture fugitives, and top secret missions.
  • Multiplayer competitive mode
  • As a top first-person shooter game on the market, how can there be no multiplayer competitive mode? You can compete with shooting masters from all over the world in the arena and compete for the final victory

Sniper Of Kill Gun shooting Like most mobile shooter games, it does not have low quality. Conversely, the game uses high graphics and 3D modeling, has a climate change system, has a day and night system, and has an attractive slow motion when firing a gun, which is really amazing in its own way and dramatizes your shooting. And epic. The game campaign is relatively deep and satisfies you.

There are a total of 10 maps in the game, which include various locations such as the Middle East deserts, European and Western cities, US and Australian forests, and various other locations from around the world, and offer a good variety. In each map, there are 20 main missions and several sub-missions, which are also different and varied and of course challenging, and include top secret missions, neutralizing the threat of criminals, ‌ hunting fugitives, and so on.