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Soul essence Mod Apk adventure platformer game Soul adventure travel is an attractive and well-made title in the category of platformer adventure games, which has been made and offered for the fans of this style of games with its pixel and retro designs. The creator and publisher of this game is the Russian studio EDi iLab game, which has offered this game for free for Android devices. This game is an adaptation of famous and popular titles in this genre such as Dead Cells Built and developed. Soul essence: adventure platformer game has almost all the prerequisites of an Adventure Platformer game. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameSoul Essence
DeveloperEDi iLab game
Android Version Required4.4 and up
Last UpdateSeptember 16, 2021

Features of Soul Essence:

  • 2D action-adventure platformer with nostalgic action gameplay.
  • Explore the platforming game levels, defeating enemies and collecting unique items and treasures.
  • Opponents have different fighting styles: magic, crossbows, shields and swords – options for battles for different styles of play.
  • Elements of the RPG genre, will help the hero collect unique items: artifacts, weapons, armor, decorations. And also to pump the game level of the character, in total there are 50 levels in the game.
  • A separate room for epic boss battles every 5 hours, the difficulty is quite worthy of the Souls series.
  • Attractive pixel graphics, elaborate items, NPCs, enemies and hero animations.
  • An exciting adventure across unexplored game locations, a random game store, battles with enemies, epic battles and bosses.
  • More than 60 atmospheric sounds and music, made in the style of retro classic dark fantasy.
  • The most balanced and optimized 2D game, even on weak devices.
  • Free levels with the ability to play without the Internet, the hardness of which increases as you progress.

From 2D modeling to pixel graphic style and Dungeon-crawler, this game can be well considered in the category of games of this style. Therefore, it must be said that if you have experienced such games before, the adventure game of the soul can also be associated with such games for you very quickly.

In Soul essence adventure platformer game According to the game developer, it is a dark fantasy platformer with a metroidvania nature, a fantasy and classic game with an interesting story that is narrated non-linearly. The story is about an ancient kingdom that has now fallen to the members of the cathedral after many civil wars. But the members of the church have evil and sinister goals in mind. By holding an ancient and special ceremony, they summon a great devil to this world and blow it into the soul of a child in order to control the world. This devil builds a headquarters to conquer not only this kingdom but also other lands and kingdoms.