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Space Hunter Mod Apk (infinite diamond) unlocked

Space Hunter Mod Apk Galaxy Attack Arcade Shooting Game An arcade game It is from ONESOFT gaming studio, which has been published for free on Android. The year is 2099 and the Earth has been attacked by space shooters. They have extraordinary and unstoppable powers that destroy everything that stands in their way to conquer the world. The earth has no support. An emergency meeting was held by the governments of many countries, and a galactic shooting team was immediately formed to protect the Earth. Now it’s time to become a space hero and hunter and defend Earth. So build a team of space shooters and take part in the fiercest galactic attacks and shoot at the invaders of the galaxy and destroy them all and not leave one person alive. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameSpace Hunter
DeveloperOneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateFebruary 26, 2022

Features of Space Hunter:

  • Includes a variety of unlimited maps
  • Complete various missions
  • Fight the heads of space invaders
  • Upgrade your spaceship
  • Collect coins and various items
  • Earn hundreds Bonuses and Rewards
  • There are different game modes

Players take part in many challenges to complete space invaders and complete various missions. As you fight many small enemies, you must also fight the big space bosses that appear in every 10 levels. Collect coins and various items in shooting battles in the galaxy and use them to upgrade your spaceship to become stronger. Fight the invaders of the galaxy and upgrade your power. The fate of the whole galaxy is in your hands, so join the defense forces and fight the space enemies.

In this game, as always, you are in the role of a pilot of a warship that has gone into space to defend the galaxy against a large army of aliens. He is known as a space hunter because of his high skills and dangerousness, and he is considered as a great fear and anxiety for the enemies of humanity. But he is the only hope of human beings, and you, in the role of this pilot, must protect the human world and use all your efforts as the last basic nut to end this great war.