Spectrum Break Mod Apk (unlocked) v3.2 Download

Spectrum Break Mod Apk (unlocked) Download

Spectrum Break Mod Apk An arcade game And the action, released on Android made by Jason Hein, has an artificial physics space where you transform surfaces with neon light. The blocks in each level are floating and can be rotated by the player, causing them to light up in a row with vibrant colors and sounds. To win this game you must turn on all the blocks. When you are playing a level, the shape of the levels changes completely and the moving levels react to your movements. Each part of the game will be unique. Simple gameplay with various colors and sleepy music will all be relaxing for you. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameSpectrum Break
DeveloperJason Hein
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateJuly 31, 2021

Features of Spectrum Break:

  • Simple gameplay with various colors
  • Sleepy and relaxing music
  • 55 different levels with varying degrees of difficulty
  • High speed and skill to play the game
  • Go through the steps in your own way
  • One secret block in each level and 6 achievements
  • Simple controls like move and jump, but deep and challenging gameplay

We must say that you are sorely mistaken! Spectrum Break game engine Follows a physicist who will break all your equations. Stationary shapes are stationary when they are not hit, but as soon as the slightest impact hits them, they move and are in a state of almost zero gravity. In this way, with each blow and collision, a set of reactions are formed in a chain. Sometimes all the shapes collide and they all come to light and you get a good taste of completing the stage, sometimes you just watch and see how your preset program moves to It perishes and tastes the bitter taste of defeat.

This game has 55 levels that get harder and harder and challenge you more. New blocks will be introduced to you during the game. In this game, you must have high speed and skill to solve puzzles at the same time. This game can be done in several ways. To further complicate the formula of the steps, each jump is essentially a kind of wall jump. This means that your jump from the surfaces will be vertical. Therefore, when moving surfaces from one shape to another, you must carefully check the angle of your bottom surface for jumping and landing points. Preset programs and maneuvers that you can do in the game are the main source of fun as well as madness in Spectrum Break.