Squire for Hire Apk paid v0.2.50 Free Download

Squire for Hire Apk paid unlocked Free Download

Squire for Hire Apk is an Android card game created by Letiman Games LLC and you can install and enjoy it on your Android device. Your day is finally here – a famous hero has hired you as a Squire! When your hero completes missions, defeats evil, and takes full credit, they also gain trophies – which you will be honored to carry. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameSquire for Hire
DeveloperLetiman Games, LLC
Android Version Required4.4 and up
Last UpdateSeptember 29, 2020

Features of Squire for Hire Apk:

  • Play as all four main squares in Squire for Hire 18. (Includes a hidden unlockable character!)
  • Unlock Mystic Runes – Experience your first free expansion!
  • Strategic tiling game for 1-4 players! (Pass-and-Play multiplayer only included)
  • Multiple game modes including Squire Stacking (extra scoring conditions) and combination decks!
  • Introducing single player games for the first time!
  • Achieve complete achievements and show the heroes you need as your commander!
  • This app calculates all the tiles and points you want!

Squire for Hire was a Kickstarter project in which the project of a physical card game was reconstructed in the form of a digital game. Since the original and classic game Squire for Hire had many fans around the world, this action caused many old fans and even new players to support this project. Finally, after many conflicts and various rumors, finally in October 2020, this game was released as a test for Android and was available to Android players around the world, and now this game is in front of you.

Game Squire for Hire A title is a combination of card and board styles, the main elements of which, of course, are adapted from the original game, which was a classic card game. In this game you are in the role of a Squire. If you do not know who Squire is, we will tell you. The Knight Servant is a young man seeking a name in the history of the last few centuries, the golden age of knights in Europe. At that time, each knight had a special servant who carried his armor, weapons and other equipment and performed the knight’s duties like a servant.