Steel Mill Manager Mod Apk (infinite diamond) v1.6.0 Download

Steel Mill Manager Mod Apk (infinite diamond) unlocked Download

Steel Mill Manager Mod Apk is a fun game in the style of simulation games from Hong Kong Warrior Game Studio , which is offered for free for Android devices. Business management has not been very popular since then. But now it’s time to check with Steel Mill Manager to see if it’s really as easy as expected! Or is it more like a challenge? You own a steel plant. The only way to survive is to produce more and more advanced steel-related products. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameSteel Mill Manager
DeveloperWarrior Game
Android Version Required4.4
Last UpdateJune 17, 2022

Features of Steel Mill Manager Mod Apk:

  • Build & Expand your STEEL production lines
  • Manage & Assign your whole faculties
  • Degassing, Forming, Cold rolling! Complete the whole processing lines!
  • Maintain your employees by starting Tea Room, Snacks and all!
  • Upgrade your technologies
  • Always Train your faculties to the best

start your steel factory

In Steel Mill Manager You are going to start a steel factory and develop it in the role of a capitalist businessman. Your job is to fully manage this factory and its various forces and departments. By building new subdivisions, you can expand the various departments and hire the staff of this factory and accelerate the production process of its products. You need to set up a variety of systems to strengthen your steel production lines and increase your production.

hire professionals worker

You can hire different experts to make the most of this business. In order for your professionals and employees to feel good satisfaction, you can also create interesting facilities such as rest room, dining room and… for them. In Steel Mill Manager – Tycoon Game, by progressing in various sections, you get the chance to create new sections. Like all Tycoon style games, Steel Mill Manager – Tycoon Game also has upgrade conditions.

upgrade your factory

By upgrading various parts, you can be more productive than them and as a result, earn more money. You can add dozens of levels to the current level of your sections. It is also possible to use smart technologies and systems for your factory so that you can eventually make this factory large and profitable.