Stickman Hook Mod Apk (all skin, no ads) v7.2.6 Download

Stickman Hook Mod Apk (all skin, no ads) unlocked

Stickman Hook Mod Apk An arcade game from Madbox game development studio that has been released for free on Android. In this Android game, you have to make extraordinary leaps in the role of a stickman and avoid the obstacles that will be placed in your way. Use a variety of acrobatic tricks to complete the stage. Complete all levels with agility like a spider. Press your finger on the screen to rotate the steak and release to release it. Do acrobatic tricks and show your friends that you are even better than a spider. The faster you go, the more amazing tricks you will show. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameStickman Hook
Android Version Required6.0
Last UpdateSeptember 10, 2021

Features of Stickman Hook:

  • Tap the screen and make incredible jumps
  • Avoid any obstacle in your way
  • Perform all acrobatic tricks like a leash
  • In this game, enter the spider character
  • End all levels with spider agility
  • Press the finger on the screen to make movements

As mentioned, the game Stickman Hook a game fun and engaging Android is it needs to move quickly and follow the path. You will see exciting paths in front of you that you have to go through quickly and never stop. For this purpose, you must use your hook and rotate around the specified places so that you can regain your speed. The game has various and attractive stages that you can do to entertain yourself well and enjoy doing multiple jumps on your way.

In each scene you will see two white spools, each of these spools can play the role of a lifeline for you. Jump and rely on these pulleys to advance. At each stage, we will see challenging scenes that require a new decision and trick to cross. Undoubtedly, stickers have been memorable for every user, because their presence has been felt more recently. These characters, made quite simply and with a few matchsticks, can do a lot of things in any story. They can shoot or show a professional footballer or drive for the championship.