Streets Of Rage 4 Mod Apk (infinite soul, star) v1.3.2 Download

Streets Of Rage 4 Mod Apk (infinite soul, star) unlocked Download

Streets of Rage 4 Mod Apk is the name of the fourth official game in the series of popular and revolutionary games Streets of Rage, which was designed 26 years after the release of the latest version of this game, Streets of Rage 3. And was released. All of us, especially the older players who are familiar with the Sega (Megadrive) console, are undoubtedly familiar with this exemplary franchise. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameStreets Of Rage 4
Android Version Required9.0
Last UpdateOctober 09, 2022

Features of Streets Of Rage 4 Mod Apk:

  • Ported and original version of the game without any special changes
  • Exemplary and very spectacular graphics
  • Extremely attractive and well-made gameplay in the style of Beat’em up arcade games
  • Ability to run the game at a rate of over 60 frames per second and a unique experience of a smooth gameplay
  • An epic and fascinating story with several varied stages
  • Existence of secret stages and sub-missions
  • The return of popular characters in this series, including Axel, Blaze, Adam, Shiva
  • The presence of new characters and more
  • Existence of bass fight stages is very exciting and challenging
  • Has various sections such as Boss Rush and Survival
  • Ability to select different designs of characters
  • Ability to play with retro style characters (game characters in SEGA version)
  • Has a settings section with the ability to change various options, including graphic quality
  • Super audible soundtrack and professional sound
  • Full support for physical controllers such as PS4 and Xbox controllers

usual atmosphere

The Japanese company SEGA owes a large part of its popularity to this franchise, and now, after nearly 3 decades, we are witnessing the release of a newer version of this game with its usual atmosphere. Streets of Rage 4 was officially released in April 2020 for eighth generation consoles including Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. Exactly two years later, in April 2022, the first trial version of the game was released by Playdigious Studio for mobile operating systems, including Android.

released on android

The released version for the Android operating system is exactly the same as the original version that was released for consoles, and in terms of graphics and gameplay, this version is on the same level as the original versions.

free to download

At your request, dear ones, prepare and prepare the purchased and complete version of this game at a price of $7.99 and provide it to you dear ones in a tested and free form. So if you are one of the lovers of this attractive and unique series and you want to experience the best game of this franchise this time on your Android device, stay tuned.

Mr. X has return

Streets of Rage 4 follows the story of previous episodes. Where the negative character of the game is Mr. X, who will finally be defeated in the third version, this time has sent his daughter and son to take revenge. Now you have to fight the enemy forces once again with your hero group and stop them before they destroy the whole city.

characters such as Axel, Blaze and Adam

Popular game characters such as Axel, Blaze and Adam have returned to this arcade game with new characters to combine the indescribable nostalgic feeling of the game with a modern style and context, and to create a wonderful experience for you. The game has a main story section, but also a separate DLC (expansion pack) has been released for it. Fortunately, this DLC is also available in the Android version, but normally you have to pay a separate fee to have it.