Sweet Drmzzz Apk v2.3 Full Paid Free Download

Sweet Drmzzz Apk Full Paid Free Download

Sweet Drmzzz Apk Dream Dreams It is the name of a puzzle and mental game that has been released by Bart Bonte game development studio in Belgium in the form of a paid game for $ 1.99 for the Android operating system. Dream Dreams game is supposed to take you to an interesting and funny dream. In this game, you are going to go to the dream of the main character of the game and do logical puzzles and riddles in the dreamy and strange world of these dreams. According to the game developer, when it comes time to sleep, the time of adventures begins! In fact, in the interesting interpretation of this game, when you fall asleep, a small version of you enters the desktop clock and goes to another world like space to experience and fantasize about different adventures! Sweet Drmzzz game has several types of puzzles for you. get the mod version from ApkDip.


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Game info

NameSweet Drmzzz
DeveloperBart Bonte
Android Version Required4.2 and up
Last UpdateSeptember 24, 2020

Features of Sweet Drmzzz Apk:

  • solve logic puzzles involving coloured space worms popping out of planets
  • collect stars in space in snake-style arcade levels where the logic and difficulty changes as you make it through more levels
  • draw to direct space dust as it trickles out of your space alarm clock, because the space worms need it

The main characters in these puzzles are worm-like creatures in different colors. Worms that are red in color under any circumstances at any stage or puzzle are items that you lose if you choose the wrong one. As mentioned, this game has different types of puzzles, all of which have in common that they are logical and principled. Some of these puzzles are solved exactly by the principles and rules of physics, and under any circumstances you should prepare yourself for realistic puzzles.

The first feature of Sweet Drmzzz That will catch your eye are the very simple designs of the game. There is no 3D modeling or eye-catching effects in this game, but this simplicity is combined with a fun and dynamic gameplay and brings a memorable experience for players. This game has dozens of different stages. There are star-shaped points in the stages that you can get by solving puzzles quickly and correctly.